Abhishek Karna 

Here I stand, a group of atoms trying to understand itself;  loving Physics and defining myself with it- an explorer of the natural manifestations, an adventurer of the unfathomable cosmos and a wanderer of the mathematical  world.

Research Interests

As a student deeply fascinated by Physics and natural sciences, my curiosities dive into different realms of natural manifestations. Primarly, I am focused to study particle physics and extrapolate the applications of those fundamental building blocks into other sciences like astrophysics, cosmology, condensed matter physics, nuclear physics and biophysics. Apart from the natural sciences, I am also interested in computational and numerical techniques of different simulations like Monte-Carlo Simulations that can be directly or indirectly applied to Physical sciences. However, I have also worked on technical social and health sciences research that involved statistical analysis.

In future, I hope to learn more integrated topics of an appropriate field of Theoretical Physics, perhaps Strings Theory. I personally believe that the major role of a scientist or a researcher is not just exploring and listing out bunch of results but rather helping mankind understand the workings of cosmos for advancement of entire human race and understanding of why we are where we are!


Guitar has been an influential part of my living. Music inspires me and kicks in my soul so incredibly that I find myself reaching a tranquil realm with nothing but bliss. I love playing guitar and singing along. And this stoic mind fancies the idea of traveling and exploring as much of everywhere. On my list, there’re places from Salar d’ Uyuni to Wave Rock and how can I miss the High Tatras of Slovakia. So, the vision is not just about professional and rigorous exploring through Physics but spiritual exploration through stoicism, traveling, introspection and music.

Finally, I like the idea of thought and philosophies. I have studied and read about transcendentalism, cynicism, romanticism and a lot more. And from trying to finding out logics in the readings, which contains Hindu scriptures to Biblical texts to Post-Modern principles, I find myself believing the idea of “Humanism”. So, all I aspire to be is a real human.


Movie that has influenced me the most: Schindler’s List
Sport I am actually good at: Cricket
Color that has a meaningful relation to me : Yellow
Food I would never miss out on: Chicken C Momo
Superhero that I would choose to be if I could: Richard Feynman
Personal Interest that people may find awkward: Demonology and Exorcisms
If there were no Physics, what would I study?: Arts History
A course I want to teach: “An Outlook on Contradictions within Popularized Proverbs”
If I could witness one historical event, it would be: The Nuremberg Trials: Holocaust
A place where I want to be: On The Shoulder Of Giants

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