Electrostatics Simulation Software

Project Description
Worked with a proper team of physics students and led them to build detailed objective modules (Documentation that includes the theory, mathematics, user-interface and logical reasoning required for software), which was sent to the tech team for software development. It allows user to play with quantum charged particles and visualize the concepts of electrostatics in an accurate mathematical way. The aim of this software is to help high school students experiment with charged particles, observe the change in fields and consolidate their understanding in a practical way; which they cannot do in school labs.

Hydropower and Sustainable City Model

Project Description
It was an engineering project. In 10th, I led a team for creating a sustainable city model. I designed the framework and we begun. I went to furniture and cut a plywood-sheet into 1m by 80 cm frame with an additional incision in-between for water flow in hydroelectricity plant. I used the CPU fan as the turbine, remote control car’s motors for two windmills and cardboard for houses. We used flour for creating two great hills, plywood for cable cars and rotary wheels and lit 13 small torch-LED bulbs in the city houses and lamp posts with parallel connection. Cotton dipped into green color over toothpicks were used as tress. It was an extensive 17 kg model and we got the first prize in exhibition.

Screen Shot 2021-09-10 at 11.44.44 PM